skate faster


One of my favorite riders. Respect.

Joe Sexton is up next.

What do you want to know? How ’bout, why he doesn’t where gloves? Whether he prefers long hair or short? Or if he’s worried that those tight pants might lower his sperm count.

Joe boy will be rolling by the office on Tuesday, so start firing away on the comment board. And just like before, the asker of Joe’s favorite question will win some gear from ThirtyTwo.

Emerica Reynolds Cruiser

i have finally found a new pair of shoes.

black on black you shall be mine.

Check these shoes out, theyre pretty dope


Tony Hawk & Christian Hosoi at Del Mar - 1985

Dustin Dollin

Volcoms Chicagof

out of his mind but hes still sick as all hell

reynolds Baker 3


Stian Bakke - Ollie:
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Stian Bakke - Ollie:

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